Research paper on overseas filipino workers economic

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Overseas Filipinos

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Human capital flight

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The overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) tend to be young and gender-balanced. For instance, it describes the OFWs as the heroes of the nation, encouraging citizens to take pride in these workers. Economic impact.

Inthe. To their family members and to the Philippine government, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are the country's “new heroes.” Postdoctoral fellow Marjorie Pajaron talks about her research on the significant economic benefit of OFW remittances.

Migration has become a common demographic response of Filipinos to various socio-economic problems. In the light of the severe economic crisis that has confronted the country in recent years, the Philippines has become a major source for international migrants and become one of the largest sending countries of labor to various countries.

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Research paper on overseas filipino workers economic
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