Raft writing assignment examples

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RAFTs – Engaging to Differentiating Writer’s Voice

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Using the RAFT Writing Strategy

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They draw not even be tools, per se. What is the case?. What is a RAFT Writing Assignment? R.A.F.T. writing prompts challenge students to assume a R ole before writing, to write for an imaginary A udience, to write using a given F ormat, to write about a certain T opic.

How to Use the RAFT Strategy in the Classroom to Develop Reading and Writing Skills?

RAFT writing assignments are written from various points of view (other than the writer's) and for audiences other than the teacher (Santa, et al., ).

RAFT holds a great appeal to both teachers and students because of its differentiated instructional options.

Using the RAFT Writing Strategy

RAFT is a writing strategy that can be used in all content areas and offers students a choice in their writing assignment. R stands for Role - the person or thing that students will become.

A is for Audience - the person or people who will be reading the finished product. There is a Study Guide to this story.

RAFT Writing

You should work your way through it before attempting this writing assignment. At first glance, this story might seem to be a sneering attack on the political value of "equality." At the same time, the story seems to place a high value on, for example.

Science Writing Prompts

writing the book “King Lear” William Shakespeare included many examples of imagery. Ranging from animals to heaven and hell, poison and corruption, disease, tempest, sight. Oct 28,  · Writing Assignment: Zygouris-Coe’s chapter, “Questioning and Comprehension in the Disciplines”, explores building the adequate skills necessary for students to be career and college ready.

These skills specifically focus on “expert thinking and complex communication skills”.

Raft writing assignment examples
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