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Our program supports undergraduate students personally and academically. We encourage the. Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor Awards (UGRCE) The Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Awards encourage students from all years, colleges, and majors to deepen their experiential engagement through an original intellectual or creative contribution to their discipline, in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

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Research Offices, Institutes and Centers. With well over one hundred research institutes and centers associated with the university, its colleges and schools, and its medical facilities, you’re never far away from the next new discovery.

The website, hosted on Northwestern’s Arch site, makes each of these student’s research papers on 19th-century American poetry accessible to anyone who has computer access to the web.

And such a wide potential readership is appropriate, since readers with a variety of interests will want to learn more about what these students have discovered.

Northwestern’s Associate Provost for Academic Education administers Undergraduate Research Grants that are open to undergraduate students throughout the university. This office is the primary source for academic year and summer research grants. Undergraduate Research Grant; Undergraduate Thesis Prize; Undergraduate Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Northwestern University.

Latin America and the Caribbean are close neighbors of the United States and the linkages between the three regions run deep. There is a common geography and history; and their economics and culture are.

Northwestern undergraduate research
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