Local governance research papers

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ACODE Policy Research Papers

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3. Inclusive Governance: Transforming livelihood security experiences from Care Bangladesh Date: 01/05/11 Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the transformative potential of inclusive local governance in generating more secure livelihood and coping strategies of extremely poor people.

Targeted research papers for AusAID Indigenous Governance in Melanesia Author: Geoffrey White When considering indigenous governance in Melanesia, it is important to realize that the concept of ‘(good) governance’, like ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’, stems from However, from a local perspective, the empowering of local.

school governance) have not, to our knowledge, been evaluated in local governance settings. Moreover, Pakistan provides a unique cultural and political setting to evaluate this impact where public services are plagued by under-provision and corruption. Improved local governance is crucial for transparent, accountable, efficient and effective delivery of public services at the local level.

Increasingly, decentralization has put the spotlight on local government performance in the delivery of development agendas. Download (K) Download (Japanese, K) Download (German, K) Provide feedback on this document Visit the Governance of Enterprise IT Knowledge Center community Expanded and updated, Board Briefing on IT Governance, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive description of IT governance concepts, useful as a reference booklet or as a tool for educating top management, and comes .

Local governance research papers
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