Examples of reasonable adjustments

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Reasonable adjustments

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What are reasonable adjustments?

This note examines the duty that the Equality Act places on employers to make reasonable adjustments for disabled job applicants and employees. FAQs about Reasonable Adjustments.

Examples of reasonable adjustments and case studies

Can you give me some examples of reasonable adjustments? In terms of disability a Reasonable Adjustment may include ‘provisions, criteria and practices’, ‘physical features’ and ‘provision of auxiliary aids’.

Examples of Reasonable Adjustments in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995

The code of practice in the Equality Act includes examples such as. Identifying Student Requirements and Making Reasonable Adjustments The support requirements for students with disability should be established soon after enrolment to ensure, as far as possible, that the student is able to complete the course.

The Equality Act callsthis the duty to make reasonable adjustments.

Supporting students with disability

Read this page to find out more about the duty to make reasonable adjustments. changing or providing a way of avoiding the physical feature, where it’s reasonable to do so.

Reasonable adjustments policy

Here are examples of reasonable adjustments: providing ramps and stairway lifts; making. Examples of what is considered reasonable and how adjustments are implemented into the workplace. Examples of reasonable adjustments you could ask for include: changing the times when events happen; changing the places where services are to be delivered; arranging for an advocate to support you; allowing more time for a face-to-face interview; offering clear written information.

Examples of reasonable adjustments
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